Using Conjunctions In College Essays

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Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the most common mix-ups: This is a tricky one!

When should a word be capitalized and when should it just be treated like any other word in a sentence?

(Note: use double negatives with caution.) Some mistakes are more damaging than others, so to help you prioritize, we’ve put together a list of the grammar faux pas to avoid at all costs.

Plus, we’ve pointed out a few so-called “mistakes” that you can let slide without fear.

In case you want to get into the details, here are the rules: a gerund is a word that adds “-ing” to a verb and uses it as a noun.

“I enjoy swimming.” A present participle is a word that adds “-ing” to a verb and uses it as an adjective or part of a verb.

OMG ur nvr gonna believe this but EA deadlinez r rly close. And when you’re (not your) in a rush, it can be really tempting to write in shorthand, power through to the end and kiss your essay goodbye.

But as scary as the approaching deadline may seem, now is the BEST time to slow down, check your work, and avoid careless errors.

After all, your early decision schools are likely your top choices.

Hasty writing riddled with mistakes and abbreves isn’t going to cut it, and small errors can really start to add up in the eyes of an admissions officer.“But CEA,” you might be thinking, “what mistakes should I be looking for?


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