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Are the two values (Individual Liberty and General Utility) compatible? Are Mill's arguments for individual liberty consistent with his utilitarianism?Indeed, what are the values comprising utility for Mill? I don't know how you go about tasks like this, but if it were me I would skim on a first reading, to get a sense of the structure of the document, the location of the arguments, the general tenor of the work, etcetera.

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But you are welcome to use the Faculty list as yet one more resource. The recommended version is NEVER EVER read a secondary source before you read the primary text. The first class will be early in week 1, and we want you to prepare for it carefully.

If you do, you doom yourself to forever seeing the text through someone else's spectacles. The topic is pleasure, and you are welcome to read as much as you like/can from the reading list under Topic 1.

Then close-read the second time round, looking for answers to the first set of questions, and thinking about them.

And then close read again, this time concentrating on the second set of questions. We shall ask individuals to present a case to the room.

For Bentham all the time, and for Mill on alternate Wednesdays, all human actions are aimed at producing pleasurable states of mind.

And hence their version of utilitarianism aims to maximise .It would do you no harm at all to read his need something like Adobe Acrobat Reader to download it) on Weblearn.Our list of topics will be somewhat different from theirs, and our recommended reading will differ too. Anyone who has not absorbed that material by the start of term will find that (i) there is no time to catch up on it, and that therefore (ii) classes and tutorials will not be as helpful as they should be. It will do you no harm at all to see a modern utilitarian operating across a range of issues. You will be taught in a mixture of classes and tutorials, and we shall cover four broad topics.And if you are motivated to find out more, try Chapter 3, sections 27-30.Rawls thinks he has a series of arguments against utilitarianism.Despite all that, he is a major figure, and you need to be able to deal with his take on the matter. As always, the appropriate parts of Mill and Crisp, which here means chapters 5 and 7 respectively.And besides, Kinch is his replacement at Balliol, and does not wish to speak ill of his predecessor. You may well have come across Peter Singer, who has made his name in connection with vegetarianism, animal rights and other nice cuddly things. But he was a graduate student of Hare's, and he is a Hare clone. And then as much as you can of , by John Rawls, OUP 1972.So lay out carefully what you take the experiment (or experiments) to be, and explain your view about what you think it shows. Read, and think carefully about, As advertised above, we shall begin with a discussion of the Experience Machine.But there is much more to think about, and perhaps to discuss.We shouldn't perhaps do this, but we can advise you in advance that there are insuperable problems for any such philosophy of Mind and Action. (That, in case you didn't recognise it, is a challenge).So think about these related questions: Is there a conception of pleasure which is (a) recognisably something which all humans strive for, and yet (b) something which will function as a common currency in utilitarian calculations?


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