Violence In Video S Research Paper

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Lieutenant Colonel David Grossman has special concerns about children playing violent video games.For twenty-five years, he studied “the psychology of killing for the Army”.In many of these current games, this provides the ability to perform acts of destruction and violence on the screen.

Unfortunately, this means that video games have become a big business.

And most video companies are aware of the demand by children for many of these violent games, and they actively market these games to children.

However, it appears that to do so must involve a two-prong approach utilizing both parents and governmental action.

Parents must be made aware of this problem so that they may exert their parental power to curb violent video game playing in their children.

What these studies indicate is that, most likely, just average amounts of video game playing increases aggressive behavior in children.

Violence In Video S Research Paper

The value of these last two kinds of studies is two fold.

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The first is that they appear to tie violence and aggressive behavior in children who play video games.

That implication is that playing such games does indeed cause violent and aggressive behavior.


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