Walter Lee Younger Character Analysis Essay

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At the end of the play, Walter makes amends with his family.He stands up against Karl Lindner by refusing his offer and declaring that the family will move into the home in Clybourne Park.Walter’s drastic character development in the final scenes demonstrates a newfound maturity and acceptance.

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He wants to be able to give Travis the world and all its opportunities.

Walter was staring at a future of nothing and knew it did not have to be that way.

Crushed by the overwhelming knowledge that he had wagered his life on this deal and been burned, he realizes that the "explosion" of his dream also killed Bennie's dream.

Walter's physical reaction to the information in the film is demonstrated by Poitier curling into a defensive fetal position and grabing his stomach in pain and confusion [23].

When Willy runs away with the money, Walter once again becomes deeply depressed.

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His mother physically attacks him for irresponsibly losing the money his father, Walter Sr., had worked for his entire life.Mama, the mother of the house wants to buy a house for the family.Beneatha, Youngers’ daughter wants to pay for her school tuition using part of the money.In an effort to right his unfair use of her money, he almost destroys the other dream of having a house.Instead, he acknowledges the history of struggle behind the obtainment of a house and refuses to sell.For now, he can find contentment in serving as a positive and worthy role model and leader to Travis and the rest of the family.As the play opens, Walter comes out conspicuously due to his ideologies concerning the money the Youngers are about to receive from an insurance firm as life insurance policy for the deceased Mr. Every person in the Youngers family has a different idea on how they should spend the money.Unfortunately, he allows his obsession with materialism and the realization of his dream clouds his judgment.As he saw it "all starting to slip away", he exploded at Mama for taking away his chance at a future filled with possibility and money.Extended Character Analysis Walter Lee Younger, Lena Younger’s 35-year-old son, lives at home and works as a chauffeur.Walter is deeply unhappy with his life and his job.


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