War Timothy Findley Essay

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RABBITS page thirty The coyote preys on small animals and the rabbit and squirrel are small shows innocence. GOPHERS page thirty The gophers appeared to be insignificant.OWLS page thirty The owl was a food for the coyote.

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“The narrator says, ‘shuffle these cards and lay them out: this is the hand that Robert Ross was born with.” Robert’s actions are the result of his family and social background.8. People can only be found in what they do.” The reader is actively and effectively involved and engaged in the novel through the creation of narrative techniques and a great variety of styles.

allows the reader and the narrator to examine and bridge the past by interpreting the memories of the women in the novel from the perspective of the present; Mrs.

Furthermore, an attempt will be made to reveal the strengths and weaknesses in these relationships and the meanings Timothy Findley is trying to proclaim.

To best understand Robert's relationship with his mother Mrs.

COYOTE page twenty-nine The coyote is a dangerous animal and Robert runs with it despite the element of danger.

SQUIRRELS page thirty The squirrel is food for a coyote.

The central question of the novel is – how are we to understand and perceive Robert Ross and his act?

Robert’s attempt to rescue the horses is either an act of heroism or an act of madness, an act of bitterness by the overwhelming cruelty of our world, or an act of defiant gesture which when translated sets him apart and sets him free.6.

You are to select one of the following topics and write an academic, formal, literary essay with an introduction, body paragraphs, transition paragraphs and a conclusion.

It should be no more than five typed pages (double spaced-including quotations)1. They bleed…He leaps through memory without a sound…You lay the fiery image back in your mind and let it rest.


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