Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized Essay

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The usage of marijuana as a painkiller could fix this situation—at least partially; according to one NIDA-funded study, there is a connection between medical marijuana legalization and the decrease of deaths caused by opioid overdose, opioid prescribing, self-reports of opioid misuse, and treatment admissions for opioid addiction, as well as the reduction of doses of prescribed opioids (NIDA).

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Therefore, under certain conditions and regulations, marijuana can be used as a recreational drug. In this category of composition, the writer aims to persuade the reader to accept his or her...

Works Cited “Legalize Medical Marijuana, Doctors Say in Survey.” Web MD.

Drug consumption is always connected to the risk of developing an addiction.

Even such “harmless” and legalized drugs as alcohol and tobacco annually cause millions of deaths worldwide.

At this point, there are over 1,200 licensed shops that sell cannabis every day.

A completely different type of legalization is the one done in Holland.

The number of people pointing out to the numerous reasons why marijuana should be legal is growing daily.

It is exactly in March of 2016 that the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research has reported that 61% of Americans are actually supporting the legalization of this particular drug.

The latter is illegal in many countries, but people’s attitude to it is rather benevolent—more than to any other drug.

Besides, there have been talks (for a long while) that marijuana is not only a relaxing, but also a recreational drug, and that in some cases, it can be used for medicinal purposes.


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