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Germany’s submarine warfare, threats to democracy, and contacts with Mexico threatened the security and honor of the United States and could not be tolerated.

The creation and deployment that Germany made of the submarines caused great havoc in the Atlantic Ocean.

Actions must be taken by the United States to insure the safety of all merchant and passenger ships in the water.

Regardless of whether or not the United States were to enter the war against Britain, it is evident that Germany was trying to persuade the neighbors and enemies of the United States in an attempt to threaten the security of the our country.

Germany agreed to not sink passenger and merchant ships without giving a warning if the United States would help modify the blockade that the Allies placed around Germany.

The United States of course could not modify the blockade since they were still neutral and would not want to get involved in a dispute with the Allies (American Pageant, 700).

Mexico was a threat to national security since they shared our southwestern borders.

If the United States were not to prepare for war, they would be a sitting duck, ripe for the taking.

The events leading up to April of 1917 left the United States no choice but to enter the war against Germany.

The United States had every intention to maintain its neutrality throughout the European conflict but Germany’s actions pulled them into fighting.


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